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Hello Kitty is a cartoon character, born in 1974, is as tall as 3 apples and is a very energetic and curious cat. His hobbies are: traveling, listening to music, reading, eating tasty cookies, organizing parties with her friends for at tea. Its typical sentence is: "Do not you ever have too many friends." The first character's name was Kitty White, named after one of the cats "in the book Alice Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll. In the '70s, in fact, British culture was popular among Japanese girls. Hello Kitty's name is derived from non-literal translation of Maneki Neko character, or the cat welcome (in English more properly "welcoming cat"). Like all the Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty is designed in the style kawaii. The term has no exact translation, indicates something of a minute and child, an ephemeral world and colored (often pink), made of anthropomorphic animals and cats without claws.

From 15 June 2009 on the satellite channel Boomerang, Monday to Friday in prime time (20:35 hours) and weekend lunchtime (ore. 13.30), Hello Kitty entertain the children with the unpublished series "IN SEARCH OF THE MAGIC APPLES "and" THE FOREST OF SECRETS ". His inseparable friend Frog, Kero Kero Keroppi, will be the hero of "HELP, THE CITY IS IN THE WATER LILIES DANGER!" While Hana Bunny, will be the child star of "THE DANCER FULL OF DREAMS".

The episodes of this new series, lasting 10 minutes, are made in traditional animation, and are recounted as fantastic tales,, accompanying children, in an enchanted world: from costumes and colors, from landscapes to music, everything is immersed in the magic. Friendship is the key value in all series of Hello Kitty, proposed by Boomerang. Although these productions, see affection, solidarity and support against friends, as the basis of delightful stories. In the new series, however, ample space is also given to the exploration, discovery and adventure, for impare about the world around us in a joyful and peaceful. Below, a summary of each cartoon and the curiosity about the character:

Saying the magic word "Melacadrabra"! our little protagonist, Kitty and Mimmy are catapulted into a magical kingdom: the Forest of the Apples, whose queen is suddenly ill and needs to heal the golden apple, the only fruit that can satisfy all desires. The two kittens go in search of the fruit so magical, "juicy", also for other characters who chase it after some time.
In this adventure, Kitty and Mimmy are helped by Pururu, the fairy, and Scotch uncle, the owl-guide. Furthermore, receive useful magical items, like the pink box, inside which there is a magic mirror, able to put them in communication with Uncle Scotch and the magical heart-shaped pendant. The twins are convinced that no one knows their secret ... in reality the mother has discovered everything, and goes along with them in research.

Hello Kitty needs of her friends! In this new adventure, in fact, will be accompanied not only by her old friends, Keroppi, Pururu, Scotch uncle, but also Mimmy, her twin sister. Together the two sweet kittens, they will become skilled detectives to discover the reason why many objects disappear from the enchanted forest. Thanks to the transformations, they can to work in secret, hiding behind a completely new and unusual clothes..

Keroppi the frog, he enrolled in the School of Natural Sciences, where he will live incredible adventures with his friends. In fact, will face with the evil Gamegamedada, a mad scientist who wants to destroy the school.


Hana is a bunny who chases her dream of becoming a great dancer. One day he receives a letter, which says that exceeded the selections to enter the prestigious dance school Premiere, which is located on the island Etoile. Hana will make friends with many other aspiring dancers, the twins, and Mary Rose, Iris and many more. While feeling the lack of his sweet granny, and a strong longing for home, Hana is determined to engage, in order to realize her great dream.

Hello Kitty becomes in 3D! Advanced animation techniques, good stories written for children, timeless stories for the whole family, and a mini musical with original songs in each episode: these are the components of the new series "THE ADVENTURES OF HELLO KITTY" which airs all morning and an exclusive preview of Boomerang from February 4, 2008.
The show is the first Sanrio television series animated in 3D computer graphics, featuring the famous characters and adorable Hello Kitty, Melody, Keroppi, Batzaru, Pochakko and many others. Faced with a technology so advanced, the values ??of the cartoon remain the same as 30 years ago: the joy of living, learning, love of family and friends.
The Adventures of Hello Kitty, in fact, is linked to positive principles, using fun and humor to teach children, how to interact and behave with others through the adventures of some of the most beloved characters and followed the world of animation.


The kitten most loved by children and their mothers, intratterá whole family with stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Puss in Boots and many more timeless. The cartoon, made ??of traditional animation, see our kitten to play as Cinderella, Hello Kitty and Alice in Wonderland. But Kitty will not be alone: even the Frog Kero Keroppi will present famous fairy tales like Robin Hood and Gulliver. For the first time on screen, we will also see the duck Pekkle, try their hand in the adventures of Sinbad and Aladdin. In this animation series , also Kitty tell fables of Aesop as the hare and the tortoise and classics like The Nutcracker.


With the twin sister Mimmy, Kitty will visit the Apple Forest after a long time, the owl Scotch Peró advised them not to go because strange things happen in the forest ... but the two kittens, however, decide to venture out in search of their friends. Then, Mimmy disappears! And a small black cat, out of a house. He is exactly like Mimmy. Who is it? To find out the alter ego of Kitty, do not miss appointments with the stories of Parallel Town.

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